Why Is My Cash App Payment Pending

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It’s without a doubt that your Cash App payment pending is making you distressed. But what does it mean? When a recipient hasn’t received or accepted a payment, it’s likely to be showing as a pending payment. And to fully receive the payment, you will need to manually navigate to the pending payments tab and accept it.

Step to manually accept Cash App payment pending includes: Navigate to the “Activity” section. Click Under the “Pending” tab, then you’ll be able to view all pending transactions. Click the “Accept” button next to the recipient payment to accept the pending payments. And the money will instantly be added to your Cash App wallet.

Most pending payments are left for recipients to either accept it or decline it. And manually accepting pending payments on Cash App is simple and easy. However, most of the time, the method of accepting pending payments manually might not work depending on what caused the problem.

When using Cash App it is rare for your payment to show as pending in most cases because transactions are often available instantly. And in the rare case that the payment is pending, the sender will be notified of the transaction.

What Does It Mean for Payment To Be Pending?

When your Cash App payment is pending, it means that the payment is stuck somewhere between the account of the sender and receiver. And in most cases, the receiver manually accepting it will solve the issue.

According to Cash App, if your payment is pending in most cases, an action is requested. This can also be associated with the receiver performing a specific type of verification. So, in order to receive the payment, you will need to follow the outlined process under the pending payment page to receive your money.

In the cases, you can’t figure out what is holding your payment, you can reach out to the Cash App support for clarification and solutions.

How do I know my Cash App Payment Pending?

If your transaction is still yet to be processed, your Cash App payment might be pending. Also, if the transaction is on hold due to a fraudulent evaluation, it will also be showing pending. But fret not because there’s always a solution outlined for the issue of why your payment is still pending on the payment page. Go through your activity page and follow the outlined procedure to accept your payment. And if your funds seem to be on hold, contact support to help you release it.

There are tons of reasons why your Cash App payment might be pending. Here we will highlight and explain the possible problems causing it, as well as ways you could use to fix it.

What Keeps Your Payment Pending on Cash App?

  • Security Issue With Your Account

When your Cash App payment is pending, it could be a result of a security issue with your account. That way, the fund is kept on hold through you completing a certain type of verification. That might be submitting a certain legal document to the Cash App team.

Let’s take this example, let’s say your account is limited to receiving $1000 within a 7-days period. If you happen to receive an amount that’s over $1000, that will lead to your account being locked or the fund kept on hold until you passed the required verification.

However, this is not always the issue of pending payments on Cash App. Most times it might be an issue from the technical end during a certain upgrade on the system.

Accepting Pending Payments on Cash App

It’s easy to accept pending payments on Cash App from the pending transactions section. There you will find a button to accept the payment and receive the cash in your account.

Does It Take Long To Receive Cash App Pending Payment

Depending on the issue of why your Cash App payment pending, it might not take longer than a few minutes to resolve. Especially for pending payments that you can easily accept manually. If the issue is associated with verification of the account, it might take between 4 – 5 working days to fully receive the pending fund.

If it’s a direct deposit, it will also take days before it can be processed and the fund added to your balance. Did you deposit from online payment services such as PayPal? You should contact PayPal for issues relating to the delay. Sometimes it takes a long time before deposits from Online payment providers reflects in Cash App as it undergoes thorough evaluation.

In times like this, you may be required to verify your identity as well as the reason why you are receiving the fund. And all of these will take days to be completed. In the case that the payment is pending for no reason, it will immediately reflect on your balance once you manually accept it.

But in the case that you tried everything and are unable to receive your fund, you can contact Cash App support to help you evaluate and solve all the pending issues with your account.

Cancelling a Pending transaction on Cash App

It’s true that if a transaction remains pending for a long time on your Cash App. You might want to cancel it. There are several ways you can easily cancel your pending transaction or contact support for assistance.

Go to your activity page and take a look at the payment page. If the transaction can be cancelled, you will be able to easily cancel from the pending payment section. Sometimes you might need to wait a while before the option to cancel a pending transaction will appear.

What If I Resend The Pending Transaction?

It’s not advisable to resend transactions when you have previously got a pending transaction. Without determining the issue while the transaction is still pending, you could be seeing the amount be doubled in the pending transaction. It is important to either cancel the pending transaction first or reach out to customer support for a solution.

By canceling the transaction, you will be able to quickly receive your money back before resending it. And if the issue is associated with the type of payment you used, you can try using another form of payment. So, in the case the issue is associated with the payment method you use, you will be able to avoid having your fund stuck as pending again.

So, when processing payment on a Cash App take your time to quickly understand the cause of your payment is pending before initiating a new payment. And fret not! If your payment is pending because there are several ways to resolve this issue or get a refund.


Payment apps are known to always encounter issues at some point. So, don’t be disappointed and follow the above guidelines to get your pending Cash App payment. You can either wait for the payment to reflect on your available balance or cancel it and resend it again. In the case that none of these options worked, you can seek the help of a Cash App customer support to help you out.

This way, you will properly understand what you need to do to receive your Cash App payment pending without hassle.

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