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Cash App has expanded its functionality beyond just a peer-to-peer payment service users can now receive direct deposit payments and ACH payments, as well as purchase bitcoin cryptocurrency through the platform. Most recently, it has introduced a new feature called investing in Cash App which allows users to trade stocks commission-free within the application.

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Cash App debuted in 2013, intending to make it on the top of the list of best Peer-to-Peer mobile payment services. It’s an alternative to the conventional banking option and enables users to discreetly and easily carry out financial transactions without struggle. Square, Inc developed Cash App and equipped it with unique features that have transformed the baking sector. Over 36 million users in the UK and US, making it a highly functional mobile money transfer option. Cash App streamlines receiving and sending money, paying utility bills, and buying/selling bitcoins which was introduced in 2018.

Unlike other mobile money transfer applications, Cash App does more than just send and receive money; it gives you access to a debit card making it even easier to make purchases on online stores like Amazon. With that in mind, let’s now dive deep and uncover everything you need to know about Cash App and Cash App cards.

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The Cash App card has unique features make it distinct from other credit and debit cards. With these features, users can exclusively enjoy using cash cards.

Apple Pay & Google Pay Compatible: Apple and Google created an easier way to help tier users pay for services easily. As a result, those working the android phones can access these services by exploiting the potential of Google Pay, while iOS devices like iPhones and iPads can use Apple Pay. Lucky for you, Cash App works with both Google pay and Cash App, which means you can pair your cash Card easily and use it to buy apps and services from the Play Store and App Store.

Cash Back In-store: One reason for choosing a cash card credit card is that it allows users to pay for merchandise online. As such, it’s easy to buy items from online stores. Other than that, Cash App also reward users who use Cash App credit card with a cashback. However, the cashback is limited to the user’s withdrawal limit.

ATM Fee Reimbursement: This unique feature ranks the Cash App card high among the debit and credit cards offered by mobile money transfers. However, there are conditions under which you’ll get ATM fee reimbursements. You should be depositing $300+ monthly to your Cash App account; only then can you be eligible for reimbursements on ATM withdrawal fees.

Savings opportunity: You’ll get instant discounts when you add boosts to your cash card. This Cash App card feature can be used at coffee shops, restaurants, and retailers with items within the spending category. As a result, you can save much with your Cash App Card.

Setting up Cash App Account

Before we go into details, perhaps it’s ideal that you know how to set up your cash app account. The main advantage of choosing Cash App as your number one mobile banking option is that it is easy and quick to set up. However, you will need certain information, including SSN, address, email address, phone number date of birth. But even without SSN, users can still be able to set Cash App accounts under Unverified users. The following steps should help you get your Cash App account up and running.

  • If you are operating iOS-powered devices, go to App Store, search for Cash App and install it. But if Android powers your phone, go to Play Store and install Cash App.
  • Once the app is installed, launch it, then enter your phone number or email address.
  • Cash App will send you a verification code or email.
  • Now in the next step, use the code sent to you.
  • You should get to a step where you will link the Cash App to the credit card you intend to use; please ensure that all the information is correctly entered; else, the verification may fail.
  • Key in your name as it appears in your identification documents
  • Identify your unique $Cashtag that will be your username.
  • In the last step, fill in your ZIP code, and you shall have set up your account

How to activate Cash Card App?

Once you receive the Cash Card, you will be expected to activate it. Lucky for you, the card will be delivered with a QR code to aid in the activation process. Once again, the activation shouldn’t take long when you have the information.

  • Click on the Cash App icon on your phone
  • Check for the image of a card, then tap on it
  • Choose “Activate the cash Card.”
  • Then press okay to authorize the Cash App to use the phone’s camera
  • Now scan the QR code that came with your Cash App card
  • Congratulations! you have activated your cash card

However, if you don’t have the QR code, it’s also possible for you to activate the Cash App card using the Expiration Date and CVV code printed on your Cash App code. Either way, you will archive the desired results, except that it’s faster to activate your cash card using a QR code.

How Secure Is Cash App?

By the fact that you agreed to the Cash App terms of service, you’ll be entrusting the app with all your confidential information. We also understand the need to be cautious so you don’t share your personal information with a mobile money transfer application you can’t trust. To rule out your worries, you should know that Cash App is secure to use as all your data are secured.

So, how does the Cash App ensure the security of your data? It’s good to know that Cash App has unique security features intended to keep your financial and personal information away from prying eyes while ensuring your funds are secure in your Cash App account. With a fraud protection system and high-end encryption, you can take a step back and worry less about your security.

Cash App uses PIN codes, Biometrics (face ID and Touch ID) to secure your account. Furthermore, it sends instant messages and emails about your account privacy. In the event of a security threat, users also have options of deleting or disabling their accounts. As we can see, Cash App has put down every measure to ensure secure online money transfer services. It should be upon the users to keep their information safe and never disclose them to unauthorized persons.

How to get Cash Card

Now that you have an active Cash App account, your next question is, how do I get a Cash App card? All Cash App users with an activated account are eligible to apply for a Cash App card, provided they meet the age requirements (18+ years old) as per the Cash App policy. You can apply for a Cash App card online through your Cash App dashboard using the following steps.

  • Launch Cash App and click on the Cash Card icon on your dashboard
  • Next, choose “Get Free Cash Card.”
  • Select your prefeed cash card color
  • Choose to show $Cashtag on the cashcard or not.
  • By tapping on “Tap to Customize,” you’ll be able to sign for your Cash App card.
  • Fill in your address information where the card will be sent to. Then enter the first name and last name.
  • In the last step, you are expected to review the information you have provided and the terms of service; once satisfied, click on continue. It takes up to 10 days for the card to be delivered.

How to get Cash Card

Yes, Cash App is among the safest mobile money transfer services in the US and The UK. However, this duty rolls down to the users as minding your internet activities can guarantee absolute safety regarding Cash Card.

However, there are still some loopholes that might risk the safety of your Cash App account, which we believe is important to familiarize yourself with. Cash App account is susceptible to fraud, scams, and hacks like any other application, but your greatest defense against all these is staying informed.

Customer service scams

Scammers often send email and text messages claiming to be the Cash App support team. In the email, you’ll receive phone calls where you’ll be advised to call increase you’ve got a problem with your account. When you call these numbers without ensuring their authenticity, you’ll communicate with a fake agent who, in turn, requests your sensitive information, such as Cash App login credentials.

Cash App Friday Sweepstakes

Cash App host many promotional activities where users can win weekly prizes. Scammers have identified ways to convince Cash App users that they’ve won the prizes. The loose end of such a call is that the agent will seek your login credential to facilitate the redemption of the prize. Not many people fall for such a trick, but those who are anxious and excited to win will always do everything to ensure they’ve got the prize; this is where your account becomes insecure.

Cash App Flipping

It’s among the major reason for the insecurity of many mobile money applications, and users often realize when it’s too late. So, how does Cash Flipping work? When you receive a call, you’ll be convinced to i8nvest a given amount of money from your Cash App Card or Cash App account with the promise of realizing quick and marginal profit from the so-called “investment.” Once the scammer provides the details of where they need the money transfer to, they disappear into thin air.

Dating Fraud

Cash App allows unverified users to perform transactions though to a certain limit. As a result, scammers take advantage of this loophole and ask people to send them money in the name of empty love. And because you can’t verify the user’s identity, you’ll spend your hard-earned money on a scammer.

How to load Cash App Card?

You needed a Cash App account, and you’ve got it; you applied for a Cash card, and you’ve got it too. How do you load money so you can start enjoying the benefits of the Cash App service? You can set up an app Cash App account in seconds, but it might take you longer to load it. Some of us don’t even know how to recharge our Cash App accounts. It’s okay and a relief that you aren’t the only odd one out. And you are right, and this action can help you with that.

Direct deposits from credit card

When you create a Cash App account, Cash App expects you to link your account with a bank or credit card. This is the first step toward loading some cash into your Cash App account. With this method, you can choose between instant deposits and standard deposits. In instant deposits, you’ll get the money in real-time though you’ll pay a transaction fee. On the other hand, the standard deposit method takes about 1-3 days, but you’ll save on transaction costs. If you don’t have a linked bank account, you should be able to do in the banking tab.

Transfer from other Cash App users

This is probably the second most utilized method for loading a Cash App account. Here, you can ask your friend, family member, or college who also uses a Cash App account to load money into your Cash App. Using your telephone number, email address, Cashtag, or username can be done.

Redeem Mastercard Gift Card

Unfortunately, Cash App hasn’t provided a feature for obtaining Gift cards, but it allows users to redeem gift cards. So, if you have Mastercard Gift Card, you can use it to deposit money to your Cash App card. However, the card should be a debit card; else, the linking process may prove futile. To load money to Cash App using a Mastercard gift card, open the Cash App, click on Add cash and select the amount you wish to add. After pressing Add button, choose to Add the prepaid debit card instead of linking the bank account. Once you confirm, the money should be in your account.

Deposit at Cash App Partner Stores

When all roads seem to be heading nowhere, and all you can see is physical cash in your pocket, then it’s time you visit Cash App partner stores around you. CVS Pharmacy, 7-Elven, Dollar General, Rite Aid, Walmart, Target, and Walgreens are the Cash App partner stores. You need the cash and Cash App debit card and a $3 to $4 service fee to complete such a transaction.

Load Bitcoin

If you intend to use bitcoin as a source of funds for your Cash App account, be ready for extra work and a little effort. First, you must have bitcoin, which means you need a cryptocurrency account. Selling/buying bitcoin costs fees. However, you can turn the bitcoin into your Cash App account without facing any trouble.